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Fatima Mohammed

The products are great and good quality all handmade. The shipping to Qatar was very easy they use DHL. They where very friendly and very helpful.

Haneen AlMaghrabi

It was an amazing experience! Fast response, fast shipping and excellent products! Definitely recommend the shop

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Great experience! Very good service. Fast and easy delivery. Trust worthy. The Furniture is of quality and designs are unique. The right touch to a modern interior. I recommend this shop.

Material Comparison

Bone Inlay vs. Mother of Pearl Inlay: Discover the Perfect Furniture for Your Home

Both bone inlay and mother of pearl inlay furniture showcase exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty. However, each style offers a distinct aesthetic and unique qualities to complement your personal taste and interior design.

Use this comparison table to explore the key differences in materials, appearance, durability, maintenance, and overall style. Whether you're drawn to the earthy warmth of bone inlay or the iridescent elegance of mother of pearl, this guide will help you find the perfect statement piece for your living space.

Key Considerations:

  • Aesthetic: Do you prefer a natural, organic look or a luxurious, shimmering one?
  • Durability: Consider the level of maintenance and care you're willing to invest.
  • Budget: Both styles offer stunning options, but mother of pearl typically commands a higher price.
  • Room/Use: Think about where the piece will go and how it will be used to determine the best fit.

Bone Inlay

Mother of Pearl Inlay


Ethically sourced camel bone

Natural mother of pearl shells


Matte finish, natural variations in bone color (white, cream, brown)

Iridescent, lustrous finish, reflects light in various colors


Often features intricate geometric or floral patterns

Can have intricate or simple designs, often showcasing the natural beauty of the shell

Overall Aesthetic

Earthy, organic, warm

Luxurious, elegant, shimmering

Best Suited For

Casual or formal settings, adds a touch of natural elegance

Formal or accent pieces, creates a statement look