Jade Sideboard Buffet - Grey Bone Inlay

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Jade Sideboard Buffet - Grey Bone Inlay

The Jade Bone Inlay Sideboard Buffet is a stunning piece that adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your dining or living area. Handcrafted with intricate details, this sideboard buffet features mesmerizing jade bone inlay patterns that create a visually captivating display. The vibrant green hues of the jade inlay against the solid wood construction bring a sense of exotic charm and opulence to any space. With a single shelf inside the spacious cabinet compartment, it offers practical storage for your dining essentials or other belongings. The smooth surface on top provides a convenient platform for serving dishes or displaying decorative items. The Jade Bone Inlay Sideboard Buffet seamlessly combines artistry and functionality, becoming a focal point of your interior decor while offering a stylish storage solution for your home.


Bone, Resin, Wood, Metal


175x45x80 cms WDH


Grey and White